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Bureau Partner

Needs analysis and strategic and technical advise in big type projects

Over the years, we have been asked to act as an independent advisor/consultant in various major redesign projects. An example of this is when IKEA’s design agency at that time, Brindfors Enterprise, contacted us to assist with the transition from IKEA’s previous CID typeface Futura to the typeface Verdana (a cross-platform typeface that comes with both Windows and Mac OS).

With Verdana they had a screen-optimised typeface with support for the Latin alphabet as well as the Greek and Cyrillic (Russian) alphabets. For other languages such as CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) and others, they had to select other similar-looking cross-platform typefaces, and for this they hired us to take part not only in this selection process, but also to act as an intermediary for all technical and logistical dialog between IKEA’s Dutch head-quarters and the American foundry Ascender Corp.

If you face a redesign project and have concerns about the implementation of various typographic aspects, please get in touch with us to schedule a meeting. We are equally happy to work with the design agency as well as directly with the company’s internal market department, depending on what suits you best.