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Logotype Work

Typographic fine-tuning and technical outline optimisation of logotypes

Over the years we have been commissioned to review and finalise logotype orignals that may have been conceptually complete but not yet typographically worked through (in terms of glyph details, kerning, negative space etc), nor having had their outlines technically optimised (curve design and the placement of anchor points require both knowledge and experience in order to achieve optimal results).

Examples of logotypes we have been commissioned to optimise and finalise:

  • Arla Smör & Rapsolja (client Identity Works)
  • Borås Tidning plus appr. ten other newspapers (client John Bark)
  • Dustin (client Ogilvy)
  • Granit (client Ingo Stlm)
  • ICA Supermarket (client BAS)
  • Kosta Boda Outlet (client Waters Widgren)
  • Mindcooler (client Garbergs)
  • Morris (client Britton Britton)
  • Rightonspot (client Hallstedt & Hvid)
  • Schibsted (client Schibsted)
  • SplashWorld (client Fritidsresor/TUI)
  • Svenska Dagbladets tidningshuvuden; SvD, Kultur, Näringsliv, Magasinet et al (client Pangea/Svenska Dagbladet)
  • Svenska Filminstitutet (client Björkman & Michell)
  • Systembolaget (client Jaxvall Design Group)
  • Ur&Penn (client Ur&Penn)

Projects where we have been entrusted to carry out the complete creative work, including logotype design as well as layout guidelines (we have not designed the web sites though):