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Font Modification

Modifying existing fonts (providing the license agreement allows)

If you already have chosen an existing commercial typeface (or perhaps have a CID typeface from before), and this after time appears to contain flaws or limitations of different kinds, it could be good to know that most of this can be addressed.

A few examples of how we can customize/modify typefaces in different ways:

  • Redesigning single glyphs (e.g. a-rings, &-sign etc)
  • Adding missing glyphs (e.g. the kronor sign :- etc)
  • Extending language support (even for non-Latin alphabets such as Greek or Cyrillic)
  • Integrating script programming for different forms of automated glyph substitution (e.g. automatic rotation of alternative glyphs for a more authentic feel in handdrawn typefaces)
  • Spacing (kerning of single glyph pairs, but also general tracking or spacing)
  • Interpolation (producing new intermediate weights in an existing typeface, e.g. a new Demibold from an existing Regular and Bold)
  • Extrapolation (producing new extreme weights in an existing typeface, e.g. a new Black from an existing Bold and Heavy)
  • Swelling (marginal thickening of an otherwise slighty too thin weight)
  • Shrinking (marginal thinning of an otherwise slighty too thick weight)
  • Screen optimized hinting of web fonts for increased legibility (e.g. ClearType or Grey hinting)
  • Format conversion (e.g. from OpenType for print to eot, ttf and woff and other formats for the web)

We will gladly assist with all kinds of modifications. If the foundry’s end user license agreement (EULA) doesn’t allow modifications for your own use, we can assist (as a free service) with contacting the foundry and apply for their permission to modify the typeface.